Dec 17

ADCC and OCM International

“It is with great pleasure that I am proud to include among our members the first management company, OCM international. It is a great recognition of the effort made in recent years to create synergies between the Association and the management companies. It is only through cooperation with them that the objective of the director’s professional qualification can be achieved. OCM international is an international reality and also projects us outside the national borders, a sign that the values of training, information and qualification of our Association are shared not only in Italy but are a common need throughout the sector.” -Stefano Pessina (ADCC Chairman)

“I am honored in the dual role of CEO & Managing Director of OCM and Vice-President of ADCC that OCM – the first company specialized in consulting for the shopping center industry in Kosovo and in all the Balkans – has been included among the members of ADCC . This combination will lead to a profitable partnership for both realities from all points of view, giving OCM the opportunity to get in touch with the ADCC network, helping it to develop synergies with the various Italian companies of the entire supply chain in the sector of shopping centers; to access the pool of professionals who are part of the Association so as to be able to involve them, when necessary, in company activities and for ADCC the opportunity to have “an authoritative window” from which to watch, analyze, and study a expanding foreign market” – Mauro Abruzzese (CEO & Managing Director of OCM International and Vice-President of ADCC)

ADCC is a non-political and non-profit organization which aims to promote innovation aimed at constantly improving the levels of efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency of the figure of the shopping center manager. The Association aims to promote professional activities and coordination initiatives of Directors aimed at enhancing their professional role. The purpose of the Association is also to promote professional updating and the exchange of experiences between Members, both with periodic meetings and with information, training and updating tools. ADCC also proposes to carry out and encourage studies, publications, collect data and news, also in the international field, concerning the profession of shopping center manager, to carry out consultancy activities in favor of the Members, to promote and encourage exchanges of information of common interest with similar associations in Italy and abroad, to carry out all the activities that are recognized as useful for achieving the aims of the Association.

OCM International is the first company in the Balkan specialized in the research, development, design, leasing and management of shopping centers, Retail Parks, Outlet Villages, Themed shopping centers, leisure and entertainment centers, multi-purpose complexes and office buildings with registered office in United States of America, at Dover, Delaware and administrative and operational headquarters in Pristina. Born from the partnership between international specialists in the sector and OXA Group – a powerful Balkan holding that controls eleven companies operating in the most diversified sectors: from furniture production, to the design and production of customized furniture for hospitality, commercial and community facilities, to trade wholesale and retail of jewelery up to the development and realization of residential and commercial properties – OCM stands as a unique, specialized and professional independent interlocutor, in a market, the Balkan one, object of a great development, but at the same time unstructured, in need of a reliable, professional and independent consulting service, aimed at maximizing the return on investment through careful research, the study of the territory, and a dynamic and sartorial marketing activity or to preserve and / or increase the value of the same with a specialized 360 degree management activity.

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