Finance & Leasing Manager

Currently is holding position of Finance and Leasing relationship Manager at OCM –International. Prior to this appointment he uses to work for state institution: Kosovo Privatization Agency (KPA) as Team Leader – Liquidation of the SOE-s in front of KPA Liquidation department.

In addition Mr. Hajdari is an economist and has 25 years of experience working at high levels at International and local government organizations. Working for the biggest state agency with a portfolio of nearly 600 enterprises, he got huge experience in managing of the enterprises in Kosovo knowing its market conditions well; he had administered them by monitoring day to day business also increasing the value of their current assets by making plans on reducing expenses, leasing, refurbishing them etc, monitoring all activities and finally preparing them for sale.

In early 1999 he has attended finance lectures in a college in Alberta University, Edmonton, Canada. In 2000 has started to work for Halliburton kellog Brown & Root an US government contractor with Head Quarter in Huston USA for establishing US military base in Ferizaj, Kosovo. He was foreman at Materials department leading supplies and demand for the base needs.

In 2003 started to work as Enterprise Development Officer in front of the Kosovo Trust Agency under EU pillar IV, in 2005 was appointed as team leader –Privatization position, continuing as deputy of Regional Manager of PAK Regional Office in Gjilan until 2015.

2015-2017 worked at Liquidation department in KPA HQ in Prishtina.

2017-2019 was external consultant for Financial Investment for different international companies; actually he is engaged as consultant for strategic foreign investments in front of BET Israel – Kosovo Association in Pristina.

He has made several presentations for public professional groups also organized international seminars in Prishtina bringing lecturers – experts in Network Marketing, real estate and crypto currency field. By attending in several international educational forums on Real Estate, Network and Block Chain technology he got an outstanding knowledge of these industries.

Since 2018 bronze Member of Slovenian Company Planet Program- Hotelium Project.

+383 45 777 072